Grandma Nutmeg

Grandma Nutmeg is Iggy's grandmother. She overindulges Heathcliff and considers him as her sweet baby. She only sees his good side!

Grandpa Nutmeg

Grandpa Nutmeg is Iggy's mustached grandfather and is in a constant struggle with Heathcliff for control of the household.


Heathcliff is the star of the show, the big cat on campus, king of the kitty litter, the maestro of mackerel, the wizard of Westfinster and the orange emperor of his domain.


Iggy is Heathcliff’s best human buddy and is the innocent foil to Heathcliff’s naughty nature.

Spike the Bulldog

Spike is Heathcliff’s arch nemesis, whom Heathcliff usually (and very easily) outwits. Spike is rough and tumble, and that’s just his dog breath!


Sonja is Heathcliff’s smokin' main squeeze. She alone can make him weak in the knees!


Willy is Iggy's brainy best friend and joins in with the gang for Heathcliff’s many wild adventures.


Marcy is a neighborhood girl who dresses Heathcliff in baby clothes and rolls him around, like a sultan, in a doll carriage.


Eddie is a mouse who does Heathcliff’s bidding under his furry heel.


Rudy is the Nutmeg family goldfish and is always under attack by Heathcliff. He is perpetually a potential dinner!


Pete belongs to the Nutmegs and is under constant siege by Heathcliff. Thank goodness for his cage!

“Pops” Heathcliff

“POPS” comes around in his black and white striped prison uniform when he is out on parole or on the lam. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Mrs. Jablonski

Mrs. Jablonski sees Heathcliff as a gallant cat who truly loves Sonja and treats her like a queen.

Herb Jablonski

Mr. Jablonski is Sonja's owner and considers Heathcliff a nuisance, especially when he brings Sonja home late.


Chauncey, unlike Spike, is a friendly and lovable pooch who constantly licks Heathcliff's face.

Muggsy Faber

Muggsy is Westfinster's local bully and faces his biggest challenge from Heathcliff.

Crazy Shirley

Crazy Shirley is indeed crazy for Heathcliff, although love is not a two way street.

Garbage Ape

The mysterious Garbage Ape comes at night to bring delicious garbage, much to the delight of hungry Heathcliff and his pals. He has never been seen by humans. Is he real..?

Dog Catcher

The Dog Catcher is a natural ally of Heathcliff. The tubby tabby is an unofficial member of the dog catching team and is always willing to lend a hand to lock up as many dogs as possible!

Mr. Schultz

Mr. Schultz is the manager of the local fish store, the Elite Fish Market, and is a frequent target of Heathcliff’s many seafood schemes.

Pizza Guy

The Pizza Guy delivers tasty food and is a hero to Heathcliff, who loves when he comes around. The Pizza Guy is a highly decorated member of Heathcliff's team!

Sanitation Workers

Sanitation Workers and their garbage cans are no match for Heathcliff's tipping talents, often somersaulting into them into the air